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The FF Scavenger Hunt is closed for submissions!

Fantasy/Fiction authors, it´s time to sign-up for Summer 2017 FFSH!

Participation Requirements:

1. Each participating author must provide a copy (e-book) of at least one book to one grand prize winner. The author can offer other prizes too. We do encourage the author to run personal giveaways to turn the hunt more interesting and increase the readers´ interest.

2. At the end, the participating author will receive the names and e-mails of the winners and he/she must send them the prizes.

3. Each participating author must provide exclusive content for a post for the participating readers to find in the hunt. It must be done at least a week before the hunt.

4. Each participating author must host the exclusive content of another author on his/her site. The post must be the main post during the hunt.

5. Each participating author must be able to update his/her site during the hunt and be sure that it is working properly during the hunt.

6. If the author has some problem and cannot participate, he/she must e-mail the organizer as soon as possible.

7. Authors who cannot meet these requirements may be excluded from the current or later hunts.

8. Authors interested in participating in the next FFSH must fill out the form below by June 18th, 2017.

9. For questions on participation in the hunt, please email:

Click here to fill out the form.


To get the direct URL of author photo and book cover, go to the website that has the picture you want.

Right click on the picture (Mac: control-click on the picture) and select "Open image in a new tab or window (it must appear only the image).

Copy the web address that only shows the picture. It must end in either .jpg, .gif or .png.

Be sure the links are correct because we will use those links to create the content on our webpages.

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