How to Hunt

Welcome to FFSH!

We´re so glad that you´re here! Hunting is funny and you´ll know incredible news books and authors. You´ll also discover the behind the scenes of the books and authors. You´ll also have the chance to win many amazing prizes.

Let´s start?

The FFSH runs from Tuesday to Friday, so you have three days to participate.

We open author registration 6-8 weeks before each hunt. If you have favorites Fantasy/Fiction authors, you can use Twitter, Facebook or any social media to encourage them to sign up.

The teams are announced 1-2 weeks before the hunt begins. This gives everyone enough time to get their posts together.

On Tuesday at noon EST (eastern standard time) all authors posts go live and the hunt begins. It ends on Friday at noon EST.

Authors, this is for you:

1. Go to Author Entry page where you´ll find the participation requirements and the link to the sign-up form. Pay attention to the schedule of events.

Hunters, this if for you:

1. Go to 'Start Here' page where you´ll find the teams and the author´s link and choose a specific author. Go to her/his site.

2. Find his/her FF Scavenger Hunt post. It must be easy to find the post because it will have our logo on it.

3. Read his/her post where you´ll find an author bio, book info, exclusive content, a giveaway (in some cases), and a link to another author's webpage.

4. Look for a number on the post. It will be his/her favorite number and will be big and colored. Write this number down.

5. Click the link to another author´s webpage at the bottom of the post, so you can continue the hunt within that same team.

6. Repeat steps 2-5 until you have visited all the authors of that team.

7. Add up the numbers that you collected from all the authors of one team. Visit the 'Start Here' page, find the appropriate form (it will be below each team), and submit your entry.

8. Repeat for every team that you want.


1. Not all authors are going to run personal giveaways.
2. You can only enter once for each team but you can enter all teams.
3. Only entries with the correct answer will count toward the random drawing to select one winner per team.


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